relaxing massage 60min
The intent of this massage is to harmonize the body, releasing all stress, tension, back pain, and light muscle pain. It quiets the mind leading to total relaxation. During the massage, various techniques will be used, such as shiatsu, Swedish, lymphatic draining, and light reflexology.

Swedish massage 60 min
Very relaxing massage with oil where soft body tissue is manipulated using the hands. It relaxes tense muscle, eases stress, relieves pain and can improve sleep quality. The Swedish massage increases blood circulation and helps you achieve relaxation and an overall sense of well-being.

reflexology 60 min
This technique uses the fingers and thumbs to put pressure on the nerve endings in the hands and feet, stimulating the neural pathways of the corresponding body parts. This helps to balance the nervous system and has a healing and relaxing effect throughout the body and mind.

deep tissue massage 60 min
Combinations of Swedish and deep tissue massage are applied to the body for stress relief and enjoyment. This massage works muscle tissue and relieves pain caused by chronic tension.

ancient thai massage 60 min
This combination of Yoga stretches, muscle massage, and stimulation of the meridians by the use of acupressure points and manipulation of the joints. Ancient Thai Massage is performed in gentle, rhythmic movements, and gives you an energizing, balanced, and dynamic experience for both the body and soul.

massage available for hotel guests by appointment - $75.00 usd